Kitesurf Lessons

At Yuckite, all our lessons are tought individually. Every student has his/her own I.K.O. certified instructor as well as personalized equipment to ensure that your training progresses at your own pace, guaranteeing the most effective learning experience.

If you want to share this wonderful experience with another person, Yuckite offers group discounts. Thus, you and your family or friends can practice at the same time, with personalized equipment and your own instructor dedicated to ensuring your individual progress.

For more information about the costs, please see our price table.

In order to be a safe and independent rider, the average amount of lessons are 12 hours which will be divided into sessions of 2-4 hours per day.

At Yuckite, our students enjoy lessons tought by qualified staff certified by the International Kiteboard Organization (I.K.O.). Our instructors and assistant instructors have been trained and examined thoroughly by this organization to provide a high-quality and safe learning experience.

Our prices include: Instruction based on I.K.O. methodology, international I.K.O. certificate (member card), usage of the entire equipment (kite, control bar, flotation vest, helmet with two-way radio and discounts on the purchase of equipment). Optional: Anti-UV Kore Dry hoodie, wetsuit and neoprene boots.

  1. 01. Beginners

    Duration: 4 hrs, approx. At this stage, you’ll learn about basic aspects of the wind theory, identify the safety […]

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  2. 02. Intermediate

    Duration: 4 hrs, approx. At this stage, you’ll learn how to relaunch the kite when it drops into the […]

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  3. 03. Advanced

    Duration: 4 hrs, approx. At this stage, you’ll improve your riding skills, learn how to control the speed of […]

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  4. 04. Tricks

    This course focuses on advanced riders who want to learn learn new tricks, from the most simple ones to professional […]

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