All our prices are in Mexican Pesos.

Take individual lessons, customized depending on your personal needs, skills and level. Average time to be an independent rider: 10-12 hrs. approx.

Individual lesson: $1,200 mx pesos per hour*

Package of 10 hrs: $11,000 mx pesos

Package of 12 hrs: $12,000 mx pesos

Prices include the use of gear (Duotone & ION) and an international kiteboarder certification (I.K.O).

*Kitesurf lessons for children under the age of 12 years follow the specialized I.K.O. methodology “Teach to Children” and will be charged on an hourly basis only.

Price per hour: $1,100 mx pesos.

Groups of 3 or more students that enroll at the same time will get a discount. Each student will have his/her own instructor and personalized gear to be able to train at his/her own pace.

Per hour and person: $950 mx pesos

Package of 10 hours: $10,000 mx pesos per person

Package of 12 hours: $11,000 mx pesos per person

Our school’s policy is not to give shared lessons whenever possible. Sharing gear and teaching time affects the learning process. At Yuckite we believe that a 1:1 ratio (one instructor per student) is the most efficient way to gain knowledge about kiteboarding and to practice the techniques imparted by the instructor.

*Group discount not valid during Easter holidays and from July 15 – August 31.


Individual lesson: $1,500 mx pesos per hour*

Package of 6 hrs: $7,200 mx pesos

Package of 10 hrs: $11,000 mx pesos

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Rental of SUP board (up to 2 hrs): $300 mx pesos

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We rent top-quality kitesurf equipment: Duotone Kiteboarding.

Complete (kite, bar, harness & board):

1 hour: $1,250 mx pesos

2 hours: $1,500 mx pesos

3 hours: $1,900 mx pesos

Full day: $2,500 mx pesos

Individual equipment:

Board Twintip: $500 mx pesos

Board Foil: $1,800 mx pesos

Kite: $1,000 mx pesos

Harness: $500 mx pesos

Bar: $500 mx pesos

Wetsuit: $200 mx pesos

Vest: $100 mx pesos

Helmet: $50 mx pesos

Add use of a Jetski to your training to enhance your experience, or just rent it to have some extra fun in the water.

Cost per hour for the Jetski assistance (Kitesurfing or Wingfoiling): $800 mx pesos.

Includes: personal Instructor, use of a 2 way radio and bottle of water.

Rental for recreational use:

1 hrs: $1,800 mx pesos

2 hrs: $2,880 mx pesos

Includes: life jacket and full tank of gas.

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