Rental & Price Table

All our prices are in Mexican Pesos.

Take individual lessons, customized depending on your personal necessities. Average to be an independent rider: 12 hrs. approx.

Individual lesson: $1000mx pesos per hour*

Package of 12 hrs: $10800mx pesos

Prices include the use of gear (Duotone & ION) and an international kiteboarder certification (IKO).

*Kitefurf lessons for children under the age of 12 years follow the specialized IKO methodology “Teach to Children” and will be charged on an hourly basis only. Price per hour: $1100mx pesos.

Groups of 3 or more students that enroll at the same time will get a discount. Each student will have his/her own instructor and personalized gear to be able to train at his/her own pace.

Per hour and person: $900mx pesos

Package of 12 hours: $9600mx pesos per person

Our school’s policy is not to give shared lessons whenever possible. Sharing gear and teaching time usually affects the learning process. At Yuckite we believe that a 1:1 ratio (one instructor per student) is the most efficient way to gain knowledge about kiteboarding and to practice the techniques imparted by the instructor.

*Group discount not valid during Easter holidays and from July 15 – August 31.


We rent top-notch kitesurf equipment.

  • Complete (kite, bar, harness & board):

1 hour: $1000mx pesos
2 hrs: $1200mx pesos
3 hrs: $1500mx pesos
More than 3 hrs: $500mx pesos per each hour extra

  • Only board:

Up to 2 hrs: $300mx pesos
More than 2 hrs or whole day: $400mx pesos

  • Only kite:

Up to 2 hrs: $700mx pesos
More than 2 hrs or whole day: $1000mx pesos

  • Only harness:

Up to 2 hrs: $200 pesos
More than 2 hrs or whole day: $300mx pesos

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is ideal for no-wind days or before the wind starts blowing. It doesn’t require any lessons and is just perfect for the whole family!

Yuckite offers SUP board rentals and guided SUP tours at “la ría de Progreso” and Chuburná, where we take you to explore the beautiful nature of Yucatán across the mangrove tunnels.

Cost of guided SUP tours:

Mangrove lagoon in Progreso (day/per person): $500mx pesos
Mangrove lagoon in Chuburná (day/per person): $650mx pesos
Mangrove lagoon & sinkhole in Chuburná (day/per person): $1000mx pesos

Rental of SUP board (up to 2 hrs): $300mx pesos

  • SUP1
  • SUP4
  • SUP2
  • SUP6
  • SUP7
  • SUP5
WINDSUP is a sport that combines Stand Up Paddle and windsurfing. It’s easy to learn and a great way to get started with wind & water sports.

In order to learn WINDSUP, you need a short introduction on how to use the board and the sail as well as basic knowledge about wind directions, posture and navigation. Yuckite offers an introductory course to prepare you to practice on your own.

Once you feel safe on the board, you can rent the gear and use it independently, with our instructors always having an eye on you for your safety.

Costo de los WINDSUP:
Clases: $600mx pesos por hora

1 hour: $500mx pesos
2 hours: $800mx pesos
3 hours: $900mx pesos

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